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After Brexit: Alternatives for your Erasmus exchange

The United Kingdom has left the EU. And with that, the island has sadly also decided to leave the Erasmus Program, which allowed students from all over Europe to study abroad in other European countries without much hassle. This means that students from the UK can no longer participate in the program, but also that European students can only come to UK universities as so-called “free movers” - which means they’ll pay the full tuition fee, which also happened to have gone up now that Brexit’s in place (one year costs 23,000 Pounds alone!).

This leaves the question - what now? Perhaps you have always dreamed of studying in the heart of London, the British countryside, or the Scottish highlands. So today we will be presenting you FIVE alternative universities in Europe where you can still do your Erasmus exchange, depending on what’s important to you: academics, city, and history.

ETH Zurich:

This one is for all you science people! Located in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland, the university is known for its prestige in science and currently ranks sixth in the world (QS World ranking 2021). It is therefore the highest-ranking university where you could possibly be spending your Erasmus year. If you are looking for high-quality academics, and a world-renowned institute for architecture, biology, physics, natural science, and the like. ETH Zurich is the place you’ve been looking for.

École Normale Supérieure Paris:

This is our London-substitute. If it was your dream to study in a beautiful metropolis, Paris is the place to be. Fantastic architecture, amazing museums, and the Seine to make up for River Thames. The university is regarded as one of the best in all of France, so even the academic aspect does not come short. It is part of the Université de recherche Paris Sciences et Lettres and hosts about 5,000 students - cozy!

Trinity College Dublin:

Probably the closest you’ll get to doing your Erasmus at Oxford. Luckily, Ireland is still in the EU and part of the Erasmus scheme, so studying in a completely English-speaking country is still possible! Trinity College has one of the most fascinating libraries in the world and definitely gives off a strong Harry Potter vibe. Actually, you can get a peek of the famous Trinity College Dublin library in our thumbnail! The city of Dublin is an exciting place to be, so you certainly won’t get bored during your exchange.

University of Amsterdam:

Want to go where the party is? Amsterdam has one of Europe’s best clubbing scenes, and also a great university. The University of Amsterdam, UvA for short, is one of the universities in Europe that offers an overwhelmingly large amount of courses in English, so you won’t even have to learn Dutch for your stay there. Communication and Media students- keep an eye out for that one, as Amsterdam offers world-leading degrees in those fields. You don’t want to miss out on that!

Jagiellonian University Krakow:

History nerds, this one is for you. Krakow is a historical place, though its history is upsetting and sad. There is basically no place in the city where you won’t encounter any remains of important parts of history, especially that of WW2. The city itself is beautiful and features many stunning old buildings. Fun fact: surrounding the inner city, there is a grass strip, so if you ever find yourself lost, it is quite easy to navigate through the city, as they act as a warning that you’re about to leave the inner city!

Found one you like? Then don’t hesitate to apply! We hope we could give you some insights into possible alternatives for you. It’s sad that the UK has left the EU, but that’s just another chance to become aware of all the other amazing options around you!

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