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Meet the team - Alina

So, before we start with this roller coaster of a ride, let me introduce the woman in question. Her name is Alina and she grew up in at this beautiful spot in South Germany near Lake of Constance. It is such a fantastic place during summers. You can sail, windsurf, and of course swim in the charming blue waters. Being fed by Rhine river, one can only imagine how awesome of a scenery must it be. Okay sorry, I got a little side-tracked. Alina since childhood had this knack to travel places, make new friends, interact with different cultures. And I do agree, I mean what is better than listening to someone share their experiences over their lifetime. Having finished her high school, she went to London for 6 months to improve on her English. After its competition, her passion for reaching out to people and liking toward Business made her take a course in Business Psychology in Berlin. Now ,Berlin on its own symbolises every aspect of different cultures embodied into one. There are so many cultures co existing so peacefully that it makes you wonder if same could be applied everywhere. After 3 years, to employ her skills into practice, she started working at a Tech Start-up in Business Development in Berlin itself and has worked closely with Asteroid Berlin for the past 2 years, .

Throughout one’s life, there has always been an ongoing question and how to really balance the work life relationship. It is tiring right? We both know. But Alina assures you having gained much experience regarding that aspect; the answer is a tad bit simple. You see when you are looking out that one job, one should sometimes consider of how you are in life and search for those instances in work too. Now for e.g.:-,Alina tells me she is a very curious and optimistic person who likes going on adventures and gain information on an array of topics. This was one of the main driving factors for her to join Asteroid Berlin. Working in a Start-up is never easy. It presents its own set of challenges and owing to Alina’s love of such tasks, she was ready to face it and have never regretted joining Asteroid. It makes her very happy that every day she is doing something to make someone’s life that bit easier. It is very important that her work aligns with the values she was taught and contributes to something valuable and has a positive impact on people and society. It makes me smile knowing that there is someone that I know who absolutely enjoys her work and yearns for more.

So now that I have been talking about her and the link to Asteroid so much, let me tell you guys how she came to be in it. So around 2 years back, in one their events, she got into a conversation with Amir and Clara, the original founders of Asteroid Berlin. And well, she was instantly sold by the idea of an exclusive group for students. Where in one could do work towards to ensure the students do not feel pressurised by all that is happening in the career world and learn so much more during their studies. This community will go a long way in making the students stay connected to each other and learn the importance of networking. Networking is very important in today’s world. It can take you places. Adhering to Alina’s own experience as a student, she knows its importance and during her student days, yearned for a group like this. So, when the opportunity presented itself, she knew I had to take it.

Naturally, the next question would be, how does Alina ever manage both her jobs. When you love doing something, it does not matter if it is stressful, you just keep on going. According to her, she makes 2 days in the evening every week just for Asteroid, and any team work sessions are done during every 2nd Saturdays.

Regarding her role, previously when it all started, she talks about how it was more of the administrative stuff. But as Asteroid Berlin grew, and she got the hang of it, more roles seemed to open. Now, she works in brand management, ensure the members are up to date with everything is that going on. Moreover, looks out for the growth of Asteroid Berlin as a platform and make sure it adheres to its values. Her testimony says, it is kind of the same thing as she does in her regular job, develop different strategies, and ensures it goes on safely and correctly along with of course, Business development. She goes on to explain, this makes her learn both ways, whatsoever is gained towards from the start up Job, she applied it to the job at Asteroid Berlin and vice versa. It is a continuous process and so much to learn.

For the members, she says there is a lot more exciting stuff that will be happening in the future. For this, they have been working round the clock to ensure that your experience is smooth as possible. Asteroid should become a leading platform which works to empower students, not only concentrate on studies, but all-important things going all over the world. Providing content, resources, and a community to boost the careers of students and overall help each other.

Alina can be an obvious example of this. According to her, Asteroid Berlin has helped her grow leaps and bounds from where she was previously. Asteroid showed her just how much fulfilling and motivating a project can be, if you found something you are passionate about and if you are surrounded by amazing people. It taught her a lot about teamwork, believing in ideas, daring to try out new things, and how to keep going even though work can be tough sometimes. Asteroid gave the freedom to try out many different things and work on many different projects. Some were more creative other more analytical, and she absolutely loved the bandwidth of it and all the possibilities.

She now goes on to describe the people in Asteroid Berlin. Amir and Clara are a blast to work with and the best team members Alina could have asked for. She says, Normally, in a team you need some sense of similarity, but in this case Amir and Clara are totally different and that was ensures whatever project has been cooking in their thought lab is grilled from every possible side. Amir is an amazing leader. He knows exactly how to motivate and appreciate people. He believes in you, your potential and helps you grow. Clara has the inspiring skill to observe situation very precisely, estimate them correctly and just act. She has a lot of stamina to keep on going and pushing through with ideas.

So, this is me and Alina, signing off, hoping you had a great time reading it, and above all stay safe during these exceptional times and have a good day.

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