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Starting a job remotely after an online semester? 5 tips to help you transition

When you joined university a couple of years ago, graduating in the middle of a pandemic was definitely not something you anticipated. A year into the Covid-19 pandemic, online semesters have (for the better or for worse), become part of every student’s life. We are all too familiar with the endless Zoom sessions, having to turn in assignments online, and months of repeating the same line over and over again: “Hello, can you guys hear me?”

As much as the pandemic has altered the university experience for students, it has also thrown open more challenges for fresh graduates in the job market. Most certainly, what this means for you is that you are moving from online classes to a remote work set-up. If there’s anything more strenuous than having to graduate in the middle of a pandemic, it is probably landing your first job through a completely online recruitment process and meeting your colleagues only virtually.

If this is you, we want you to know that we hear you! We’ve collated 5 tips to help you successfully transition from completing university online to a remote work environment.

1. Don’t resist your new routine

Yes, you had two full semesters of online classes. Yes, you straight away logged into Zoom after waking up. Yes, you attended the lectures while cooking lunch. But no, that’s not your life anymore. To make sure that you have the least number of problems at your new job is to accept that you have to set up a new routine that caters to your work needs.

2. Be open

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, so naturally, we are forced to do a lot of things differently than before. Both companies and employees are constantly in the process of learning to make online workplaces more effective. So, be open to trying out different approaches and tools, even if some are drastically different from the way you are used to.

3. Set up a work desk

It’s okay if you attended your lectures from your couch or bed, let’s just accept it as part of who you are. But if you want to ensure productivity at work, it is best to invest in setting up a work desk. Many companies now have dedicated budgets that allow their employees to set up a good workstation. Utilize it wisely!

4. Network, build connections

For some, socializing with colleagues and building connections with superiors may come naturally. But for some others, networking could be a nightmare. Whatever your case may be, make the effort to connect with your colleagues and build a rapport with them. A virtual lunch meeting or a coffee break can do wonders for your relationship with your new colleagues. And if you are an introvert who has always found socializing exhausting, in a virtual space, you get to choose which colleagues you want to connect with.

5. Be mindful, take breaks

When you set your goals and objectives, don’t forget to include work-life balance in the list and give it enough priority. With remote workspaces, it is important to not feel drained out by increased screen-time and the absence of an office environment. Not only does it affect your productivity, but also your mental health. If you cannot manage to do it yourselves, try out some mobile apps that will do the job for you. So remember to take breaks, stay away from technology if needed, and breathe.

We hope you feel less stressed and are ready to thrive at your new job!

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