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Study film for free in Germany!

Did you know that you can study film in Germany? The Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf offers special degrees such as Cinematography, Animation, or Sound for Picture!

Located in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany’s capital Berlin is only a short train ride away.

Want to learn more about getting a degree unlike anywhere else? Keep reading as we are taking a close look at the university’s unique profile.

A film university you won’t need a loan for

Most film universities are private, meaning they cost quite a lot of money to attend. At Babelsberg, you do not have to pay a fortune for your degree, as it is a public university. The “Semesterbeiträge”, so what you do have to pay, is 323,21 Euros. Sounds doable, right?

How to apply

At Babelsberg, you can only start your studies at Wintersemester, which usually begins in fall. You can apply with a German or a foreign diploma, just make sure you register with uniassist in case you are applying from abroad. The university has its own application portal, so you won’t have to use or something similar.

What you will need, however, is a portfolio of your creative work. Currently, there are about 600 students enrolled at Babelsberg, so you can imagine it is quite a competition to get a place. What you will need to include in your portfolio depends on what program you are applying for, so check on the uni’s website what you need for your desired degree. Additionally, once you have passed the pre-selection round, you will be invited to the final procedure. This consists of a practical art and an oral part. If the assessors then decide you are a good fit for the university- you’re in!

Studying at the Filmuniversität

There are 22 different degrees you can choose from, Bachelors, as well as Masters degrees. An exact description can be found on the website. Programs offered include acting, cinematography, animation, digital media culture, film production, and media studies, to name a few. The university is quite small, as mentioned above so having small class sizes is what you can expect here. Since the focus is really on arts, most degrees have a practical component. It is not just about writing and reading, but actually about creating new things.

Going abroad

Even if the programs offered here are unique, there’s still a chance to spend time abroad at a foreign university. There are many different art academies, ranging from locations in Bulgaria to London or Zurich where you can go as part of your Erasmus semester.

Living in Potsdam

Potsdam is located in Brandenburg, right next to Berlin. It takes about 30 minutes by train or car to get there. One advantage of living in Potsdam is the cost for housing. It is definitely lower there than in the capital. With 36 student dorms offered by the Studierendenwerk, you have a good chance at finding housing. But generally, the rules still apply: the earlier you start looking for accommodation, the better! In Potsdam, there is not only the Filmuniversität, but also the University of Potsdam, meaning that students make up quite a big part of the city’s population (according to the uni’s website, it is about 15%!).

Do you consider yourself an artsy person and does the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrafd Wolf appeal to you? Then you might want to try your luck and apply! Fingers crossed you’ll be able to join one of the best art schools in Europe.

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